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  • With EDSports Score Prediction, you do not only predict scores, you can also create game events for your friends to predict score outcomes. Predict scores of sports games, add friends, share your scores with friends on social media and watch videos of score highlights.


ED Sports Press

  • How It Works:
    – Signup & easy Facebook login
    – Facebook & Twitter share
    – Account access via web & mobile versions of App
    – Watch YouTube videos within the app
    – Predicted scores on Interactive Map
    – Predict scores from any Page
    – Upload profile photo via web app
    – Create game event on web & mobile apps
    – Invite friends to predict with Unique event link
    – Status Rewards by seeing the color of your name change as your profile grows.Key FeaturesInteractive Map: See real time score predictions of live games worldwide on a map.Top Predictors: See the top five (5) score predictors in real time. Where do you stand?Live Game Events: See the top three where everyone is making score predictions at and put in your own score predictions.Score Predictions: See the most trending sports tournaments worldwide.Real Time Videos: Add your YouTube video link and share or capture that major highlight with your mobile phone and add to your score prediction.

    EDSports Score Prediction provides a social platform for predicting scores of competing events in sports, culture or Arts. If you believe you know the final score, prove it by entering it in the application. It’s that simple. Share those iconic moments with our video feature when entering your score prediction.

    ED Sports Prediction will be a highly social application and we look forward to share with you all the best of Professional & Amateur events.


ED Sports Press


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