EMDApps Feature App List

EDSports Score Prediction: Android Mobile App Out. Download Now!

Description: EDSports makes it easy to predict scores for games and events in a fun but challenging way. Now you can predict scores for those silly bets, amateur or professional games or events. With EDSports, you do not only predict … Continue reading

DailyMoodz: Android App Available. Download Now!

Description: DailyMoodz is the newest way to share and track moods. More social than ever! See who else around you is feeling the same way you do. Connect with others based on your moods. Check-in your mood, upload photos, like, … Continue reading

Safari Balls: Android App Available. Download Now!

Description: Do you like a straightforward addictive game-play? Download Safari Balls NOW for FREE and enjoy this new Zuma-style game with much more amazing scenes and features. The game is meant for all age groups (children, teens or adults). Enjoy … Continue reading

RedDot: Android App Available. Download Now!

Description: RedDot is entertainment at it’s best! Enjoy highly curated BREAKING NEWS videos, HEALTHY FOOD STORE LOCATIONS in/around your area, BEER LOCATIONS of the world and a collection of hit AFRICAN MUSIC videos. All in their categories for … Continue reading

Los Angeles, CA, November 21, 2013 –(PR.com)– EZ Man Team is pleased to announce the future released of its most anticipated mobile application ED Sports in January 2014.

ED Sports will be a mobile and web application aimed at providing its users a social platform for predicting scores of competing events in sports, culture or Arts. If you believe you know the final score, prove it by entering it in the application. When the event is over, you will know if your prediction is right or wrong. As simple as that.

ED Sports’ user interface is elegant with eye catching graphics to smoothen the user experience. The application is very easy to understand and simple to use. ED Sports is for Professional and Amateur events and its primary event will be the Rio 2014 FIFA World Cup.

The app comes with great features to keep you glued to your friends’ predictions. Search and add friends from your account and conveniently predict a score, share with your friends and see who else has predicted a score.

For more updates on ED Sports, the most anticipated score prediction application, visit http://www.ezmandigital.com

EZ Man Laundromat Helper Mobile App Out. Download Now!


Description: You don’t have a clue on how to use a public laundry machine? Are you a new student in the dorm with little experience washing those dirty clothes? …Continue reading →

African eComics Marketplace Mobile App Out. Download Now!


Description: We encourage/promote African based comic creators by providing the most user friendly ecommerce platform for the buying and selling of African based comics. We are the first digital platform for electronic consumption of African based comics and illustrations. African … Continue reading →

FatalCut Entertainment – FCE Mobile App Out. Download Now!


Description: FatalCut Entertainment (FCE) is an online platform for independent/student filmmakers, film studios, film/music festivals, musicians and Record Labels to display their content and get exposure. On FCE, members …Continue reading →

EZ Man Mobile App Out. Download Now!


Description: Ez Man App gives you a list of EZ Man Digital Apps recently published. This app gives you direct access to some of the best and most promising African based apps. At EZ Man Digital, we build Android … Continue reading →

Our goal is to build innovative mobile apps relevant to both urban and rural based needs.

At EZ Man Digital, we build Android and iOS apps, publish to app stores and monetize on Ad Networks. Check out our list of recently published apps and contact us to start monetizing that idea you’ve been bouncing on the wall. If you have an idea for an African based mobile app, contact us below to get it to fruition.


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